Svetlana Cemin is a writer, director, producer, and the founder of 610FILM, an art-house film production company, founded with an artist Saint Clair Cemin. With the mission, which began in 2015, to capture moments of creativity expressed in unique ways by focusing on the documentation of various art forms and artists, collaborating on a diverse range of projects, from short films, art documentaries, experimental and feature films. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia and has been living and working on the New York-Paris route for many years. Prior to becoming an award-winning film maker, she worked as an internationally renowned fashion model and as an actress. As an actress she appeared in numerous off-Broadway productions and appeared in Claire Dolan a film by Lodge Kerrigan which premiered in Cannes Film Festival. Among many distinguished artists Svetlana Cemin collaborated with renowned Norwegian director and choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen to bring AMERICA - Ep. 2 Pychopatriot | Winter Guests to the screen. Svetlana is also a jury member of the New Wave Film Festival in Munich, Germany.

Monk Arsenije, 52 min documentary- Winner best film Serbfest SIFF Moldavia 2021, Winner best feature documentary Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards 2021, Best Experimental - London Movie Awards 2022, Silver Award Best Documentary - Hollywood Gold Awards 2022, Honorable Mention - Paris Film Awards 2022, Silver Awards- Milano Golden Awards 2022, Best Editing- 8&HalFilm Awards 2022, Best Short Documentary- New Wave Film Festival 2022, Winer best Documentary Feature-New York Neoralisam Film Awards 2022, Filmmaker Globe Award-Moscow Russia International Film Festival. Best Documentary Feature- World Indie Film Awards, Best Documentary- Vesuvius International Film Festival 2022, Exemptional Achievement Multidimension Independent Film Festival 2022. Best Documentary Eastern Europe Film Festival2022. Best International Documentary Short, Austin International Film Festival 2022, Honorable Mention Mumbai International Film Festival 2022, Official Selection NORGES 2022, Best Feature Documentary Hamburg Film Awards 2022, Best Color Editing, Master of Cinema 2022, Best Documentary MOC 2022, Best Religious Film Amsterdam International Film Festival 2022, Best Documentary Feature MGA 2022, Exemptional Achievement MDIFF 2022. )

Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche, 61 min documentary -Winner Best Experimental Documentary - Chicago Indie Film Awards 2020; Winner Best Experimental US and International Film - Venice Shorts, 2020; Winner Best Documentary - Toronto Short Film Channel Festival 2020; Winner Best Documentary Feature - Los Angeles Film Awards 2020; Winner Best Experimental Documentary - New York Film Awards 2020; Honorable Mention - Hollywood New Directors 2020; Winner Best Documentary - Montreal Independent Film Festival 2020; Winner Best Experimental ARFF Amsterdam 2020; Winner Best Experimental Film - Vegas Movie Awards 2020; Winner Best Feature Documentary - German United Film Festival 2020; Winner Best Documentary - Tokyo International Short Film Festival 2020; Winner Best Documentary - New Wave Short Film Festival 2020; Winner Best Documentary - Washington Film Festival 2020; Winner Best Feature Documentary - Roma Short Film Festival 2021; Winner Best Feature Film - Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival 2020; Winner Best Documentary Feature - Rome Film Award 2021; Winner Best Documentary Feature - New York Tri-State International Film Festival 2021; Best Documentary and Best Woman Director GIMFA, Brazil 2021; Finalist - Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival, 2021; Official Selection - Vienna Indie Short Film Festival, 2021; VdR Film Market Visions du Reel CH 2021; Official Selection - Cult Movies International Film Festival, 2021; Winner Best Producer - Berlin Shorts Award, 2021, Official Selection BelDocs 2021, Official Selection Cinequest 2021, Exeptional Achivment MDIFF 2022.

Father Arsenie, 42min short documentary Official Selection BelDocs, 2020; Official Selection VIVA, 2020; Official Selection Cyprus International Film Festival 2020; Official Selection Bridges International Film Festival, 2020; Official Selection at the Kalahari Film Festival 2021; Honorable Mention- Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival; Official Selection, Zolotoy Vitez (Golden Knight)- Russia- 2021

Adam Fuss, A Landscape of Imagination, 52min documentary Winner of Best Documentary and Audience Award at the Hollywood New Directors Film Festival 2018; Official Selection at the March Film Festival Belgrade 2018; Official Selection-London International Monthly Film Festival 2021)

BURN, 20 min experimental -Official Selection 2018 at the March Film Festival Belgrade 2018)

Madeleine Hatz, A Royal Vagabond, a short film (Official Selection BANEFF 2019; special screenings curated by Barbara Steffen at Vienna Art Week, 2019)

Metamorphosis, 20 min experimental ( Media Library at the Visions du Réel, 2019; special screenings curated by Barbara Steffen at Vienna Art Week, 2019)

Laura Kaplan, Love Is All That Matters, 5.5 min- Winner of Best Experimental Short in BANEFF Stockholm 2017; Winner Best Short Film LIFF 2017; Special Mention One-Reeler Short Film Competition 2017; Official Selection-Big Sur Film Festival 2021.